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September 15-16, 2017

Doubletree by Hilton
South Bend, Indiana

Greetings to you, my Sisters in Christ!

This is your official call to the 2017 Biennial Convention of the Synodical Women’s Organization of the Women of the ELCA,
“For Such a Time as This,”
to be held September 15-16, 2017, Doubletree by Hilton, 123 N. St. Joseph Street, South Bend, IN 46601.

By now you should have received information about the convention and forms you will need in the newsletter, KINswoman, which has been e-mailed, sent by USPS, or made available at www.ikwelca.org.

One of the goals, and the primary function of the biennial convention, is to transact the business of the organization, and this is done, if you are an active unit, by your unit’s voting member. If all four of the following requirements have been met, your unit is active and can, through your voting member, legally decide the business of the organization:

1. Meets together for study, support and action;

2. Participates in the ministry of the Women of the ELCA beyond the congregational level;

3. Contributes financially to the total ministries of Women of the ELCA;

4. Has identified a contact person from their congregation to receive and distribute all Women of the ELCA materials from Churchwide and Synodical Women’s Organizations.

If your unit is not active, you may send a representative who will have voice, but no vote. This means that she can take part in debate and discussion, but she must refrain from voting.

Please elect and register your voting member and alternate as soon as possible and return the form to Barbara Dietz, 1917 Denslow Drive, South Bend, IN 46614. This is important in order to get all the necessary information to them in a timely manner.

Since your voting member is asked to make decisions which will guide the organization, make sure that she is familiar with issues so she will be able to vote her conscience on the 2018 budget and any resolutions presented.

You have received a nomination form (found also at www.ikwelca.org) which should be sent, with a photo, to the chair of the nominating committee: Kathy Coleman, 68755 U.S. Highway 31, Lakeville, IN 46536. Elections will be held for Triennial Convention 2020 voting members and for the I-K Synodical Board. Encourage the women in your unit, or another active unit, to offer their service to the work of this amazing organization.

We will be allotted a specific number of Triennial voting members who must be nominated by their units and have their names submitted to the nominating committee. No names can be offered from the floor. Encourage your women to offer their names, and submit all forms by August 1, 2017.

Enclosed you will find materials for submitting resolutions to the body of voting members. This is a way of accepting and responding to recommendations from the congregational women. Here you may offer new ideas or change past practices for the good of the organization. Please read the instructions and send your resolutions to the SWO secretary Kathy Coleman by August 1, 2017.

This year we are collecting new and gently-used bras that will support the organization Free the Girls, whose mission is to provide a way for third-world women who have been freed from human trafficking to earn money to support themselves and their families. For more information, go to www.freethegirls.org.

We look forward to coming together in September for business, for growth, and for community—with sisters from all over Indiana and Kentucky. Come celebrate with us and encourage a sister to act BOLDLY on her faith in Jesus Christ… September 15 and 16 in South Bend, Indiana! There’s always room for one more!

In Service and Love,

Linda Doerge, President IN-KY Synodical Women’s Organization
“For Such a Time as This”
Esther 4:13-14


*Amy Hartman – Cherish All Children How congregations can work to stop human trafficking

*Inez Torres Davis – Women’s Churchwide (Retired) Will present our Bible Study “For Such a Time as This”

*Dawn Smith – Women’s Churchwide Keynote/dinner speaker

Physical Offerings – New or gently used bras for “Free the Girls”

Monetary Offerings – CWO, Bashor Home, and Cherish All Children

Mission Center will include six mini-presentations plus a book store.

Board Elections will take place. Please prayerfully consider serving on your SWO board, as a full board is needed for the next two years.

For more information: ikwelca.org (Convention forms and information)
bashor.org (Bashor Children’s Home)
cherishallchildren.org (Fighting human trafficking) freethegirls.org (Supporting women freed from trafficking)

Questions? Kathy Coleman – kacoleman@alumni.iu.edu

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